Nourishment 4 The Soul has been nominated for the MAMA Awards for Best Live Venue for 2017!  PLEASE VOTE!

DANCE FOR PEACE at Nourishment 4 The Soul began as the brainchild of our dear friend James Chavez AKA "Chaz Pro" AKA "The Chaz" as we know him.  Chaz is a gifted sound healer and teacher, using singing bowls of all types, tuning forks, gongs, musical beats and basically anything he can get his hands on to create sound healing vibrations for individuals and for groups.  Chaz began to teach sound healing classes at our wellness center and this evolved into the Dance For Peace monthly event, which Chaz produced and promoted.  Chaz moved away from the area and we are blessed that our very talented and kind-hearated friend Jake Murry took over the reins and continues to produce and promote this healing Event.  We are humbled and honored to be the venue for this very special experience and we are grateful to all of the artists who have and will participate and graciously give of their time and talent to further this Event.

We view sound healing as a vital part of our mission to help our local communities and our Mother Earth to heal using sound vibrations and this includes all sound, be it spoken word, singing, music, tones, etc...  We believe that through education and experience we can help each other and our Planet heal in ways we never thought possible.

Nourishment 4 The Soul is the education and healing part of Slice of Heaven Ministries, Inc., a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.  DONATIONS (we suggest $1 per person) are used to pay rent, utilities, and purchase water and sundry items for the Center and are often split between N4TS and other non-profit entities in need of funding (entity varies from month to month).
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